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Note: You are buying a set of ST bags from prior shipment with minor paint issue, so we are selling these at additional discount, reflected in the sale price of $299.95. The paint issue is minor and if you are not picky, you can use the bags as is without repainting.

New and Improved! These bags now come with lined interior.
See last picture.

For sale is a pair of brand new black motorcycle hard saddlebags, model ST, with two keys to lock the saddlebags. These premium quality saddlebags are made of fiberglass material to ensure durability and strength, and are one of the largest models that we carry, suitable for cruiser bikes. These bags are universal models and can work with any bike. You can use either our universal brackets or ghost brackets to mount these. It is also relatively easy to make brackets by yourself, and we can make suggestions to you on how to make them. For better custom fitting, there are no pre-drilled mounting holes on the bags.

We will combine shipping whenever possible to provide savings for you, even when not possible, we will still try to provide discounts for you if you buy multiple items.


Extra large size with outside dimension as follows: 25" (Length) x 14 1/2" (Height) x 8" (width)

Heavy-duty construction with fiberglass

Indented inside wall for close fit

Quality Chrome Latch Locks with keys

Package Includes:

A pair of extra large motorcycle saddlebags

Two keys for locking the saddlebags

Note about mounting:

You can use our universal brackets to mounting the ST bags. The ST bags will not work well with ghost brackets as they have the indentation on the inside. if you want to use the ghost brackets so you can have a quick release set up, you will need to put a metal plate or something similar to the inside of the bags so that the indentation is reduced.

 ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpg


Product Code: ST-black_minor_paintissue

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Paint Issue

I wrote a previous review on the ST bags here and forgot to address the paint issue. The description mentions a paint issue. Just wanted others to know, if there is a paint issue I could not see it on the bags I received. I have painted many cars so I kinda know a paint issue when I see it; I didn't see it. Certainly not a deal breaker.

Greg N :: Aug 06 2016, 11:08 AM

Great Bags

I was looking for bags for my 2001 Honda Valkyrie. I found ABS but I really did not want thermoplastic bags. I saw several bags on the net that ran 300 and up. The material was not stated. When I emailed them the reply came back ABS. I thought I can get ABS for 60 bucks I thought, why pay 300 for the same material. I had done automotive work in a past life and really wanted fiberglass. I ran across the ST bags at A1. They were priced reasonably so I took a chance and pulled the trigger. I am very happy I did. They are excellent bags for the price. I also ordered the universal mounts which worked out great. I liked them because they use rubber grommets to mount the bags. I had read several reviews of other bags, particularly ABS cracking. I think the rubber grommets will prevent that. The bags took a day to mount but I think most people could mount them in an afternoon. A step bit really helps to drill the holes in the bag. I had marked all the holes in the mounts but wanted a hole 2.5 inches higher. I drilled them on the mounts then went to lunch. I came back and absentmindedly drilled the holes in the bag as marked, not 2.5 inches higher. I ended up with two extra holes. I really did not want to fill them as the grommets required a 1/2 inch hole. that was a big hole to fill. I called A1 told them what happened and they sent me two more grommets and bolts. I filled the holes by just adding the extra grommet and bolt. That was very cool of A1 and jeez I think I got the bolts the next day, Great customer service. So hey. I got some excellent fiberglass bags which is far superior to ABS and can be painted and repaired if needed down the road. The customer service was great. Overall very happy. I added an expanded review and process I used to mount them on the ValkyrieForum. If you are on the fence with these bags, goforit.

Greg N :: Aug 06 2016, 11:04 AM

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