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Product Information

Note: You are buying a set of ST bags from prior shipment with minor paint issue, so we are selling these at additional discount, reflected in the sale price of $299.95. The paint issue is minor and if you are not picky, you can use the bags as is without repainting.

New and Improved! These bags now come with lined interior.
See last picture.

For sale is a pair of brand new black motorcycle hard saddlebags, model ST, with two keys to lock the saddlebags. These premium quality saddlebags are made of fiberglass material to ensure durability and strength, and are one of the largest models that we carry, suitable for cruiser bikes. These bags are universal models and can work with any bike. You can use either our universal brackets or ghost brackets to mount these. It is also relatively easy to make brackets by yourself, and we can make suggestions to you on how to make them. For better custom fitting, there are no pre-drilled mounting holes on the bags.

We will combine shipping whenever possible to provide savings for you, even when not possible, we will still try to provide discounts for you if you buy multiple items.


Extra large size with outside dimension as follows: 25" (Length) x 14 1/2" (Height) x 8" (width)

Heavy-duty construction with fiberglass

Indented inside wall for close fit

Quality Chrome Latch Locks with keys

Package Includes:

A pair of extra large motorcycle saddlebags

Two keys for locking the saddlebags

Note about mounting:

You can use our universal brackets to mounting the ST bags. The ST bags will not work well with ghost brackets as they have the indentation on the inside. if you want to use the ghost brackets so you can have a quick release set up, you will need to put a metal plate or something similar to the inside of the bags so that the indentation is reduced.

 ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpg ST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpgST-hardsaddlebags.jpg

Price: $600.00 $299.95

Product Code: ST-black_minor_paintissue
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Customer Reviews

Dan Michels 2013-01-10
Reviewing these bags fairly is a little tough, because the facts are these hard bags look and work great. The paint issue mentioned on the product page is overblown in my opinion, and I'd be surprised if anyone would notice. This really is a well made, high-quality product that should last a very long time. The separate installation kit seems like it would work well enough for virtually any cruiser, and although the grammar's terrible, the online instructions and installation photos are actually pretty good. The one thing that makes them hard to review, is the very same thing that allows them to work with just about any bike: they're not pre-drilled, there's no installation template, and it's both time-consuming and challenging to mount both sides identically and in just the right place. Installing these is honestly a bitch to get right, and you need to be prepared to mod several key pieces of the installation kit, as well as drill holes in the bags themselves that can't be un-drilled. It's obvious they're designed with the moderate to advanced DIY'er in mind, who's looking for a solution to a broad range of configurations. When done correctly by someone with skills and tools, they can be installed nearly perfectly, but to do so you really need to have it together. Careful measurements are required, the big, awkward to work with, and one-shot-only precision is required throughout. The installer can't be afraid to permanently alter them in a way which could potentially ruin them if it's done haphazardly by an inexperienced hacker who's in a hurry. If you're good with tools (and have the right ones), and you're somewhat mechanically inclined, you shouldn't have much difficulty. But it's also easy to see how some knucklehead who can't change his own oil, but thinks he's qualified to quickly schlep them on so he can get in the wind, could quickly make a mistake that can't be undone. It would be a crying shame to know honest feedback about a great product that's hard to install might be enough to scare someone away. I'd recommend these to anyone, with a firm caution about seriously considering letting a pro hang these on your bike if you're at all uncomfortable you can handle it. If you're wondering whether you can or not, in this case I think that probably means you can't and should turn these over to your local motorcycle shop for installation. But if you're cool with working on your bike, I guarantee you can handle this and you should grab a pair today!

AeroRider63 2011-05-14
These ST Saddlebags are great. You can fit anything you need for a long ride or a short ride. I can fit a 14"x10" laptop minus the laptop bag in these saddlebags. A1hardbags has great service too, Sean did an excellent job resolving a damaged saddlbag I had received. A replacement was on it's way in 15 days.
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